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A Message from the Organizer

While this fusion weekender in the DC area has been a long time coming, the final push to create this event came from being at a dance social event, and hearing non-fusion dancers’ impression of the fusion scene. One of the common refrains I heard there, and had already heard numerous times elsewhere - is that fusion dancers are lacking in technique, and basically just get out on the floor and do whatever they want. 


Further, several of these dancers challenged the idea of whether it would be possible to “bring someone up” as a dancer in the fusion scene, since many fusion classes/exchanges focus on soft skills rather than more tangible dance technique. I was asked several times “How would you even go about structuring a beginner fusion syllabus?” 


Setting aside that the very idea of a fusion syllabus could start a riot, I took it as a thought experiment, just to see where the idea went. The more dancers (fusion and not) I spoke to, evolved this question into a more tangible thought experiment: 


The Guiding Thought Experiment

Assume you are a dance teacher, and you have a person with no dance background, who is interested in learning to partner dance. However, they have no idea what any of the different dances look/sound/feel like, no idea what they might like, no idea if they want to lead/follow/switch, and neither they nor you even know what scenes are available in their city. How would you start to teach this person to dance?


One approach would say to teach them the basic step of a bunch of different dances. However, this approach could fail the thought experiment in several ways. There is no way you can effectively cover every potential dance, and the ones you cover might not be available, or the person may not like any of the ones you pick.


The guiding philosophy of this event is that there exists an effective approach! Which we will lay out more as we get closer! I hope that you will be a part of this experiment with us!