These are the inspiring people who are excited to share their dance knowledge with you!

Flouer Evelyn - Featured Instructor

Flouer has an extensive, multilayered background in movement practices.  Her experiences range from competing at blues & lindy exchanges, professional ballroom & Latin shows, stage combat, burlesque, and world travel for ice skating and contemporary dance.  She has both her Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Dance.

Fascinated by the history of social dances, Flouer often brings context into her classes.  With the belief that most life lessons can be found in partner dance, she strives to help people create connections within themselves, their partners, and the community as a whole.  Currently, she can be found teaching full time around the world and New York City, and running her fusion events Melting Pot & Motley Hue.

Jason Potell - Featured Instructor

Jason began dancing in 2000, and finally mustered up the courage in 2016 to quit his day job and pursue dance full time. Today, he teaches over 25 different partner dances, and it is through that diversity of experience that he fell in love with fusion.  One of his major current projects (in addition to organizing this festival!) is the exploration of a fusion dance syllabus - the initial results of which he is thrilled to be sharing as a part of this event!

Aside from this event, Jason primarily teaches at two local DC area dance studios, co-organizes DC's First Sunday Fusion social, is learning to DJ, and tries to attend as many different socials in as many different styles as possible.

Krysta Rosina

Krysta Rosina is a “Connections Catalyst” who lives by the words “express, explore, contribute, connect.” She is a connections presenter and facilitator, hosting a yearly “Connections Retreat” in PA, and has developed a movement model for self-awareness entitled “Empathy Mapping.”  A dancer of over 12 styles of dance, she loves movement, change, and transformation. She is so excited to be co-facilitating with the amazing Patrick Dement


Acrodurance (aka Ari Darmon & Dana Coppola)

Acrodurance is a partner acrobatics team represented by Ari Darmon and Dana Coppola. Ari is a certified personal trainer, Sports-nutrition-certified,  and a certified Acro Revolution teacher. His training focus includes dynamic hand balancing, Icarian, and dance acrobatics. He also enjoys other forms of dynamic acrobatics. When not being a sturdy base, Ari enjoys trail running and biking with his canine companion and the company of friends and loved ones.

Dana began her athletic career by training and competing in gymnastics throughout her school years. Her preferred events were vault and floor exercise. She also spent several years coaching a competition team. Later, she got into ballroom dancing, eventually competing in pro/am competitions. The aspects of partner acrobatics that Dana most enjoys are dynamic hand balancing and Icarian. Dana is also an endurance athlete, competing in running events and triathlons. 

Kat Flores

Kat has been teaching partner dance professionally in the DC metro area since 2009. She has been named a Thumbtack Top Pro for the past four consecutive years, and a WeddingWire Couples Choice dance instructor for the past two. Kat specializes in teaching Latin dance styles and currently serves as the Director of Newcomer Experience at DCBX, the third largest Latin dance festival in the world. She also competes regularly with both her professional partner and her amateur students in NDCA-sanctioned Ballroom dance competitions. When she’s not on the dance floor, Kat enjoys cooking, baking, and traveling.


Patrick Dement

A Maryland native, Patrick's obsession with dance started after discovering West Coast Swing in 2014 while attending the University of Maryland. This grew to include Brazilian Zouk, particularly close embrace, in 2015, and 5Rhythms in 2016. First learning to lead, he soon after discovered the joys of following and has since practiced both roles. Patrick has been a member of the WCS team DC RolePlay since 2015. His teaching experience includes progressive WCS classes at the UMD Ballroom club for 2 years, at various DC-area venues, in Charlottesville, VA, and Austin, TX. Patrick’s dance obsession further expanded after discovering its potential for healing connection and transformation in his own life. He continues to explore how dance can bring greater experiences of joy and make us better humans on and off the dance floor, with particular interest in the non-physical elements of dance. Patrick also teaches solo and partner dance as consciousness-cultivating practices for self-transformation and connection.

Stephanie Metzger

Stephanie wandered into a salsa dance class in college and has been hooked ever since. She was a part of Penn State’s Ballroom Dance Team, taught Salsa on1 and Bachata at her university for 3 years, and performed at halftime shows for the football and basketball team. She also did performances with a hip-hop group called RAM Squad, and fell in love with the unique way dance brought people with different thoughts, cultures, and perspectives together. 
Stephanie moved from Cali, Colombia, to D.C. in December 2016. She learned and trained in the salsa style typical to Colombia, Salsa Caleña, with Salsa Pura and was training for Salsa Dromo with Arrebato Caleño. She also trained in Salsa on2 and Bachata in the Dominican Republic and fell in love with the Sensual Bachata style there. Stephanie was awarded Best Female Dance Instructor of 2019 by the DCBX excellence awards and she regularly teaches at The Salsa Room, workshops, congresses, festivals, comic book stores, clubs, and socials in the DMV.  During the day Stephanie is a Middle School Spanish Teacher in Alexandria Public Schools and she hopes to share that love of dance with her students.

Umka Pele

Umka is a yogini, athlete, and movement artist who has practiced a variety of creative movement modalities for over 30 years. Umka’s athletic and creative movement journey included ballet, contemporary dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, exotic dance, and several partner dances: Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba, Zouk and West Coast Swing. A former organizer of Interfusion Festival, Umka has a passion for fusion and cross-pollination among different movement genres to facilitate creative discovery and unlock new channels of expression.


Ashley Kent

Ashley Kent has been dancing from an early age, including training in jazz, tap, ballet, modern, west African dance, salsa, kizomba and Brazilian zouk. She got hooked on afro-latin partner dancing while living abroad in Ghana and Sudan, but when she was introduced to Brazilian zouk in DC in 2012 she fell in love with it. She has studied with top instructors from Brazil, Canada, Spain and the US and has traveled to Brazil several times to attend several of the most well-known Brazilian zouk festivals and a teacher trainings.  

She completed professional development or certification courses with Renata Peçanha & Jorge Peres, Zouk Needs You (Val Clemente & Vanessa Bonilha), Alex de Carvalho & Mathilde dos Santos, and Braz dos Santos. Ashley has directed the District Zouk dance team since 2016 and has taught at dance festivals across the country. She was voted the best instructor at the Midwest Afro-Fusion Festival in 2016, for which she received an award. Ashley loves sharing her love for this dance with the DC dance community and seeing Brazilian zouk in this city continue to grow.

Brianna Miller

Brianna was introduced to Swing dance by her father 25 years ago, and the dance has been a part of her life ever since.  She learned a bit of East Coast Swing in High school; in college taking weekly swing and ballroom lessons, co-directing and choreographing musicals took place of all those parties that "regular" college students go to.

Though, Lindyhop and West Coast Swing are her main focus, she also finds opportunities to explore other dance-styles to better understand partnership and connection; Zouk, Blues, Balboa, Shag, BoogieWoogie, Ballroom, and Bachata.  She has been working for the past 4 years as a Lindyhop instructor for Gottaswing, is a DC-area West Coast Swing instructor, and regularly travels to compete, perform, and learn West Coast Swing.  As a relatively shy person, Swing has given her a voice and confidence to connect with a variety of people and make incredible friendships.  It has become a driving force of positivity, creativeness, and motivation to always grow past her own limits.